The BlueRim Advantage 

The founders of BlueRim Networks have been providing managed internet services to the multi-family communities since 2007. BlueRim Networks goal is to simplify and provide managed high speed internet connectivity to communities such as apartments, town homes and condos. In pursuit of this simplification process we developed the BlueRim Edge, a networking device that created easy Internet Management for properties and residents.  It allows us to make sure that residents get the quality high speed internet that they pay for with pure simplicity.

The BlueRim Edge also allows for property owners and home owner associations to turn what used to be an expense into a profit!

The networks that we bring in are built with fiber optic backbones and enterprise level equipment! This allows us to provide blazing internet speeds!

BlueRim Networks provides the best in Internet Management Services for multi-family properties!

Customer Statisfaction Ratings:

Providing High Speed Fiber Optic Internet

With the BlueRim Edge Network you'll have access to the fastest internet connection speeds in the world, from the comfort of your apartment or condo. Using a high speed fiber optic connection you can stream netflix, play video games online, watch youtube and more all without any buffering or loading.

Long gone are the days where only one person in the apartment could stream at a time. With high speed fiber optic internet from BlueRim families can stream multiple shows across all of their favorite devices at once. 

The BlueRim Networks Provides:

- No extra equipment needed (for most properties).
- Instant internet access without the need of a technician to activate service.
- Ability to adjust plans right from your own customer portal.
- US based technical support.
- Fiber Optic backbone  infrastructure
- Enterprise grade equipment
- Bandwidth shaping / Quality of  Service
- PCI Compliant

BlueRim Networks is an Internet and Network Management Company